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Promoted Blocks in Blog Posts

If an Image, Video, Gallery or Map Block is the first block in a post, it is 'promoted' above the title and expanded to the top corners.

This feature can be turned on or off with the Promoted Blocks (Blog Post) and Promoted Blocks (Blog List) options in the Style Editor.


Layout Options

By default, your site will include a left-side Sidebar. Options are listed in the Sidebar Position drop-down to move or hide the sidebar.

Use Site Title Position to display the site title in the sidebar, header, or hide it completely.

If you choose to display both the site title and navigation  in the Header, use the Header Position drop-down to float them side-by-side, or stack with left or center alignment.


Social Links 

Use the Social Icons drop-down to set social link colors to match the brand's trademark colors, or your template colors.



Customize the navigation display in the Style Editor with these settings: 

  • Navigation Font
  • Navigation Size
  • Navigation Padding
  • Navigation Rounding
  • Navigation Spacing
  • Navigation Links Color
  • Navigation Links  Color (Hover)
  • Navigation Links Bgrd  Color
  • Navigation Links Bgrd  (Hover)

By default,  site navigation will appear in the sidebar. Options are listed under the Navigation Position drop-down to display navigation in the sidebar, header, or hide it completely.

Adjust the rounding of navigation links, inside padding, and outside spacing with Navigation Padding, Navigation Rounding, and Navigation Spacing

To remove this styling completely, set Navigation Background colors to transparent, and the padding, rounding, and spacing to 0.


Amelie is optimized for mobile devices. Further customize the mobile display in the Style Editor with these settings: 

  • Site Title Font (Mobile)
  • Site Title Size (Mobile)
  • Mobile Text  includes options to display serif or sans-serif fonts optimized for mobile devices.